Our Drupal Contributions

Here you can find our contributions to the drupal community

Contributed Modules

External Bookmarks Importer provides a way to import bookmarks from any browser to your Drupal profile
External bookmarks provides a way for users to bookmark external sites and save the bookmarks to their Drupal user account
This module proves very useful to suppliers who have customers that buy the same items every time so it makes it easier for them to do so in one click
This module adds stock integration to Commerce Options, it allows the site builder to define stock for each Commerce Option
The Express Checkout button redirects to the Checkout page directly, without going to the Cart first, It also removes the Review page and adds the Payment checkout pane to the Checkout page, so the whole checkout process is done on one page.
Do you send out invoices and want your clients to pay them on your site via Credit Card, Paypal or any other payment method? Now you can!
This module integrates with the Kaltura module and the Kaltura User Gallery module and provides a great way to upload files to Kaltura
This module implements a sophisticated jQuery File Uploader that allows multiple file uploads.
Commerce Contributions provides a way where users can contribute/invest/support a specific Project/Organization/Cause.
Commerce Tickets Module allows the site administrator to create a Ticket purchase system.
Commerce Options Field module provides a new field that allows the site administrator to add an Option set and paying for the option selected using any method supported by Drupal Commerce.
Ubercart Funds Module implements a Site Funds Management System using Ubercart.
Commerce Google Merchant Integration module allows Drupal Commerce based sites to submit their products to Google Merchant.
Multilevel Binary Affiliate Tree module implements a Binary Multilevel Marketing (MLM) algorithm that allows users to register under each other.
Commerce Funds implements a Site Funds Management System using Drupal Commerce.
SMS Share and Comment module allows users to share content via sms with their contacts, and sms replies.
Kaltura User Gallery Module allows you to upload media files to kaltura project and creates a gallery for you.
Kaltura Remix module allows the user to create a remix of photos and videos using an intuitive Drag and Drop interface.
CDYNE SMS Send Comment Module share content via SMS.
Article templater Module allows content authors to create content templates and reuse them within any content type.
Save Form State Module provides you with a capability to save you data in a form automatically every certain numbers of seconds.
This module provides a more secure implementation of the Motion Captcha jQuery plugin.
This module allows users to assign values to node fields through url parameters and saves the node automatically without going through the node editing form
This module allows users to unpublish content using a url placed anywhere in a Drupal site.
Enables users to control their cpanel account operations from their drupal website.
This module allows users to make offers on ubercart products.
The Ubercart Google Merchant Integration module allows you to fully integrate your ubercart products with google base/merchant.
Ajax Login/Register module provides a smooth way for the user to login and register at any Drupal site.

Contributed Themes

A nice 2 column fixed width theme with dark and light colors, can be used for...