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A step by step video tutorial on how to install and configure the amazing ckeditor on your Drupal site, and understand and configure many of its options.
A step by step video tutorial on how to configure the mediaembed plugin in ckeditor on your Drupal site, this will allow you to embed any content such as youtube, vimeo..etc into Drupal using ckeditor.
In this video you will learn how to use the ckeditor and popups module to display the contact us form in a very elegant ajax popup.
In this video tutorial you will learn how to make your thumbnail images appear enlarged in a very nice popup with no coding experience, just follow the steps and use CKeditor, thickbox and Drupal to achieve this nice effect.
In this video tutorial you will learn how to install the ckfinder file browser and integrate it with the ckeditor module on your Drupal site.

Module Previews

Author Pane is a block of information about a given user, like those typically found on a forum post, but can be used in other places as well.
Computed Field is a cck module which lets you add a computed field to custom content types.
Taxonomy manager module provides a powerful interface for managing long sets of vocabularies of the taxonomy module.
The External Links module is a very simple approach to adding icons to links to external websites or e-mail addresses.
The Embedded Media Field creates a field for nodes created with CCK to accept pasted URL's or embed code from various third party media content providers.
The LoginToboggan module offers several modifications of the Drupal login system to enable you to customize the way you need to use in login and registration process.
Nice menus offer a great view for the menu items with a drop-down/left/right expandable items.
The Lightbox2 module is simple script that puts images above you page content so frees you from the constrains of page columns width.
Backup and Migrate makes the process of backing up your drupal database and then restoring it very simple.
Link module provides links that can be added to any content in your site, you can use it to store links to internal or external URLs.
Captcha is a test most often occurs in web forms to ensure that the user is a human and to prevent spam from other sites so it's a challenge – response test.
IMCE is a great module that will give you file management capabilities while editing your articles in Drupal.
The Pathauto module is a drupal module that you can use it to create automatic path aliases for nodes, users, and category terms and thus eliminating the need to create them manually.
The admin role module is a Drupal module that creates a super admin role that can be assigned to any number of users, giving the Drupal site multiple super admins instead of only one.
The Read More Link module is a Drupal module that allows you to change the placement of the read more link, it gives you a lot of options and many great features to control the read more link formatting and placement
The Insert View module is a Drupal module that allows site developers to insert a view inside a node using a simple tag
The login destination module provides a way to customize the destination that the user is redirected to after login
The FAQ module is a Drupal module that gives Drupal site the ability to add an FAQs section easily,
The Front page module allows you to create a fully customizable front page (Splash screen) to your site, in addition to a lot more features