Embedded Media Field Module Preview

What is the Embedded Media Field  module?

The embedded media field module will create fields for content types that can be used to display video, image, and audio files from various third party providers. When entering the content, the user will simply paste the URL or embed code from the third party, and the module will automatically determine which content provider is being used. When displaying the content, the proper embedding format will be used.


What features does the Embedded Media Field module offer?

  • Allows you to display video, image, and audio files from various third party providers.
  • Allows you only to paste the url or the embedded code of the media you want.
  • The module includes several modules shipped with it to asses in the embedding process.
  • There are a lot of modules you can use to increase the functionality of this module such as Media: YouTube, Media: Flickr and Media: Kaltura for example.

Steps to install and configure the Embedded Media Field  module:

1.  Download the module from http://drupal.org/project/emfield.

2. Extract and copy the module directory to the sites/all/modules directory on your site.

3. Enable the module.

In order to use the embedded media field, you must enable the module that correspondence to the media type you will use Embedded Audio Field, Embedded Image Field and Embedded Video Field.



4. In order to use the use for example to the youtube videos you need to install a module called  Media: YouTube and to use Flickr images you need a Media: Flickr. (This for demonstrating the functionality)



5. Now you can configure the module at “admin/content/emfield”.




6. Now I will configure the module to enable embedded code form youtube.



7. I will configure the module to enable Flickr images, in order to use flickr images module to need to get api key and secret key from Flickr.



8. Now I will create a content type with two field one for the embedded vidoe and the other for the embedded image.



9. After configuring the modules and the related modules I will create a content from the content type I have created before and I will fill the video field with youtube video and the image field with flickr image.



After saving the content you will get the embedded video and the flick image.



Finally I can say that this module is a nice module to use to embed any content you want such as video, image and audio media from third-party providers thus enlarging your ability to get content from a huge different repositories.


I hope you enjoyed this Module Preview and stay tuned for more to come.

Botros Geris

Senior Drupal Developer, JesoX LLC