Taxonomy Manager Module Preview

What is the taxonomy manager module?

Taxonomy manager module provides a powerful interface for managing taxonomies. A vocabulary gets displayed in a dynamic tree view, where parent terms can be expanded to list their nested child terms or can be collapsed.

What features does the taxonomy manager module offer?

  • Taxonomy manager offers dynamic tree view of taxonomy terms.
  • Taxonomy manager offers deleting of many terms in the same time.
  • You can add mass of terms in one step.
  • Easy moving of terms in hierarchies.
  • Easy weight changing with up and down arrows (and AJAX saving)
  • You can easily edit terms in AJAX powered term editing form.
  • You can search vocabularies by simple search interface.
  • CSV Export of terms.
  • Very powerful double Tree interface for moving terms in hierarchies, adding new translations and switching terms between different vocabularies.

Steps to install and configure the taxonomy manager module:

1.  Download the module from

2. Extract and copy the module directory to the sites/all/modules directory on your site.

3. Enable the module.



4. Configure the module settings at



5. You can access the taxonomy manager interface as



6. In the last screen I have added two vocabularies called Video and Audio.

7. After you have added taxonomy vocabulary, you can add terms to that taxonomy in the following window.



8. You can change the order of the terms by using the arrows that appear when hovering on the terms and also you go to the posts page of that term.



9. You can use the double tree view feature to move terms between two hierarchies and add new terms.



10. Taxonomy manager can export taxonomy terms or the whole vocabulary.



Finally I can say that this module is a very powerful module for dealing with taxonomies and terms especially in case of large sets of vocabularies.


I hope you enjoyed this Module Preview and stay tuned for more to come.

Botros Geris

Senior Drupal Developer, JesoX LLC