Drupal FAQ Module

What is the FAQ module?

The FAQ module is a Drupal module that gives Drupal site the ability to add an FAQs section easily,

What features does the FAQ module offer?

The FAQ module offers a lot of features that allow Drupal Site Developers and Administrators to customize the look and feel of their FAQs page

Such features include:

  • The ability to add FAQ questions and Answers
  • The ability to add details to the question, like a longer question description
  • The ability to customize how the questions and answers are listed and a total control over their appearence
  • The ability to categorize FAQs and list them by categories
  • The ability to customize category listings and even add a count of FAQs in each category


Steps to install and configure the FAQ module:

1. Download the module from http://drupal.org/project/faq

2. Extract it in the sites/all/modules directory in your site

3. Navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/build/modules and enable the module

Enable FAQ module

4. Navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/user/permissions and configure the FAQ module permissions

Configure the faq module permissions

5. Navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/settings/faq
6. Enter a description that will appear on the top of your FAQ page

FAQ admin page

7.Navigate to the Questions tab to edit how you would like questions to appear on your FAQs page

Configure questions page

8. To add question categories, Navigate to the yourdomain.com/admin/content/taxonomy and click Add Vocabulary

Add FAQ taxonomy

9. Enter your category name and description, and select the FAQ content type

Add an FAQ category
10. Add some terms to the new created vocabulary, by clicking the add terms link near the created vocabulary name

Add terms to the FAQ vocabulary

11. Navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/settings/faq/categories and select Categorize questions, then configure how you like the categories to appear

Configure FAQs categories


You can create a lot of FAQs and categorize them and totally customize their appearance using this module.

I hope you enjoyed this Module Preview and stay tuned for more to come

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