Drupal Login Destination Module

What is the Login destination module?

The login destination module provides a way to customize the destination that the user is redirected to after login

What features does the Login Destination module offer?

The Login destination module provides very nice features including:

  • A customizable login destination page in the form of a static URL
  • Ability to customize the login destination using php code
  • Only apply the login destination rules when logging in from certain pages
  • Setup php rules of evaluating when to apply the login destination rules

Steps to install and configure the Login destination module:

1. Download the module from it page at http://drupal.org/project/login_destination

2. Extract and copy the module directory to the sites/all/modules directory on your site

3. Enable the module at yourdomain.com/admin/build/modules

Enable the Login Destination Module

4. Set up appropriate permissions to administer the login destination configurations at yourdomain.com/admin/user/permissions

Setup the Login Destination module permissions


5. Navigate to yourdomain.com/admin/user/login_destination to configure the login destination rules

Configure the Login destination rules

6. Add a condition on which the login destination should take place, for example at a certain path, you can even execute custom php code here

Setup Login Destination conditions

7. Setup the destination that the login will redirect to, you can also set some custom rules here using php

Setup Login Destination redirection path

This module is very useful as a customizable login destination page without having to write any custom coding, and even when u do!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stay tuned for more to come

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