Install Drupal 8 Development Environment the Easy way

Use Acquia Dev Desktop to create a development site

Download the Acquia dev desktop from

Install Acquia Dev Desktop on your machine

Click on the + icon and choose New Drupal Site

Choose the Drupal version you need and click on Install

Enter the folder name and site name and database name and click Finish

Wait for the software to finish downloading and Installing Drupal

After the download is finished and configured click Close

Navigate to your new Site by choosing the site from the sidebar and clicking on the site link

You will be redirected to the Drupal Install page, choose a Language and click Save and Continue

Choose Standard and Click Save and Continue

Wait for Drupal install to finish

After it finished Installing enter your site information and click Save and Continue

You are then redirected to your Drupal site

Then you will install some modules that make development easier, first we need to install Admin Toolbar, Navigate to the Acquia Dev Desktop and click the terminal icon

Type the following command

composer require “drupal/admin_toolbar”

Then navigate to on your Drupal site and enable the Admin Toolbar modul

Disable Caching and File Aggregation from

This will make testing css and js changes easier, you should turn it ON only in production websites

Open sites/default/settings.php and navigate to the $settings['config_sync_directory'] line to uncomment it

Uncomment the line and enter a path for the directory on your server, make sure the directory exists and the server can write to it

You also need to configure the $settings['trusted_host_patterns'], find the lines marked here

Copy these lines and clean up the comments like the following image

Modify the example text to fit your domain

When you navigate to you should see an all green state that indicates your site is ready

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and I look forward to helping you achieve more with Drupal

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