Update Drupal 8 Core to the latest version

Open your Terminal and Navigate to your Drupal site directory (the directory that has the composer.json file)

To update Drupal 8 core you first need to look into the composer.json file to know the Drupal 8 package name

Then run the composer update command with the correct package name, in our case it’s “drupal/core-recommended”

composer update drupal/core-recommended --with-dependencies

After Drupal 8 core is updated the screen will look like this

Navigate to http://YourSiteName.com/update.php to Apply any database updates and Click Continue

If there are any database updates required click Apply pending updates

If there are no errors Click the Front page link to return to your site

Congratulations you have successfully updated your Drupal core, looking forward to help you do more with Drupal

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